Holding Lawyers Liable For Mishandled Cases

Lawyers have a moral, ethical and professional duty to provide competent representation in any matter they agree to handle for a client. Unfortunately, whether due to a lack of diligence, the desire to represent more individuals than time will permit or for many other reasons, attorneys mishandle cases far too often.

Turn To More Than 35 Years Of Trial-Proven Experience

For more than 35 years The Gooch Firm has stood strong for individuals and business that have suffered financial harm due to the negligence of other attorneys. A bad result may or may not be the result of negligence. However, incompetent lawyering will often result in a devastating outcome. Our trial-tested lawyers know how to prepare and present a compelling case that is directly aimed at achieving the best possible outcome in legal malpractice case. Common forms of conduct or acts of negligence that may support a legal malpractice claim include:

  • Failure to know or learn the relevant law
  • Misapplying the law due to negligence
  • Providing improper advice due to inadequate knowledge of the appropriate law
  • Failing to meet the statute of limitations
  • Failure to file the appropriate court documents on time
  • Improperly settling a case
  • Inadequate investigation or the failure to obtain information that should have been found through the discovery process
  • Negligence in negotiating or the drafting of contracts
  • Failure to respond in an appropriate time frame, resulting in the loss of a client's legal rights

A client's dissatisfaction in the outcome of a legal matter does not always mean that the attorney who handled the case failed to meet his or her duty of care. However, attorneys do make mistakes that can adversely impact the outcome of the case. Our lawyers and legal team take the time to review and analyze all of the relevant facts. If you believe that your lawyer mishandled your case, and that negligence caused you harm, we are here to help you fight to recover damages for what you have lost.

Call A Lawyer Who Has Experience Holding Other Attorneys Accountable

If you believe that your attorney mishandled your legal issue resulting in significant harm, we invite you to arrange a no-pressure, free consultation to discuss your case. Call 847-865-4915 or send us an email to learn how more than 35 years of experience in this complex area of the law can serve you. With offices in Wauconda and Chicago, we serve clients throughout northern Illinois.