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How much does it cost to hire a lawyer?

It's not something anyone wants to do, but there may come a point when you need to hire a lawyer. If you don't have the expertise to handle a legal matter on your own, it's imperative to bring a lawyer into the fold as soon as possible. This can help you win your case, thus putting your trouble in the past once and for all.

Many people shy away from hiring a lawyer because they're concerned about the cost. The amount that you pay depends on a variety of factors, including the following:

  • The type of case: For example, there is a big difference between hiring a personal injury attorney and a bankruptcy attorney. For example, most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning they only receive payment if they win your case. However, with a bankruptcy attorney, you'll agree to a set fee up front.
  • The arrangement you make: You shouldn't agree to work with a lawyer until you're 100 percent comfortable with the fee structure. Although you don't want to go overboard, you have the right to negotiate with your lawyer or search for legal help that's more affordable.
  • The complexity of your case: Some legal cases are simple, and can be settled with nothing more than a letter or phone call from your lawyer. Conversely, there are criminal cases that are extremely complex and require many hours of work and great attention to detail. Talk to your lawyer up front about the complexity of your case and the impact on the overall cost.

Construction defects and protecting your legal rights

It doesn't matter if you're buying a preexisting home or building from the ground up, you expect to get exactly what you pay for. While mistakes can and do happen during the construction process, it goes without saying that some defects should not exist.

As a buyer, the best way to protect against construction defects is to hire an experienced and knowledgeable home inspector. This person will examine every inch of the home, ensuring that they point out anything that's wrong. This gives you the opportunity to not only learn more about the issue, but to ask the seller to correct it before moving forward with the purchase.

Forgetting a deadline isn't something your attorney should do

Whether you're defending against pending criminal charges or taking civil action against someone who has injured or wronged you, you depend on your attorney to ensure you remain in compliance with all laws and applicable contracts.

One of the many duties that an attorney owes to their clients is to remain organized and ensure that deadlines are met or that the client moves forward with knowledge about the statute of limitations, if there is one that applies to the case.

There is more than one reason to fire your attorney

When you hire an attorney, you assume this person will handle everything related to your case in a timely and responsible manner. Unfortunately, as your case unfolds, you may realize that things are not going as planned.

Even if you put a lot of time into choosing the right attorney, you may soon find that you're not a good match. This alone may not be reason enough to fire your attorney, however, there are specific things that can happen that lead you down this path.

How do I know if my attorney committed malpractice?

It can be very challenging for a lay person not well-versed in the law to know -- let alone prove -- that their attorney committed legal malpractice with their civil case. When this occurs, the clients may have little proof other than a vague, unsettled feeling that justice was never served.

Of course, a feeling of discontent is insufficient evidence to warrant filing a lawsuit alleging legal malpractice. But it can be the first step in sifting through the evidence to find credible proof that your attorney was negligent in litigating your case before a judge or jury.

Has your attorney made secondary income off your relationship?

Working as an attorney can be a lucrative career. Lawyers can charge hundreds of dollars an hour for their time, and they can bill for every moment that they spend with the client.

Whether it is answering an email or discussing your case with someone with a specialized background in that area, many attorneys have the ability to make substantial money off of any work people bring to them. Unfortunately, for some attorneys, that income from their clients isn't enough.

Can you sue your lawyer? Things you need to know

You hire a lawyer to provide trustworthy legal advice and competent assistance. However, as your case moves forward, you may come to find that you're not getting the level of service you were promised.

This leads to an important question: Do you have the right to sue your lawyer for legal malpractice?

Can your lawyer change your divorce agreement?

Using a lawyer for divorce is almost always necessary. Even if divorcing spouses agree on most issues, a lawyer should be used to draft and file the agreements that are made.

But, what if your lawyer is opposed to your agreements? Is an attorney who changes or refuses your agreement doing you wrong?

Need a lawyer? Here's what to look for.

If you're in need of a lawyer - for whatever reason- it's important to choose one that's going to have your back. If there is anyone you should - and must - rely on during this time, it's your lawyer.

Follow these steps to find legal representation that will offer you consistent communication, honesty, hard work, accuracy and results.

How to fire your attorney

Far too many times, individuals hold the false belief that their attorney is untouchable. On the contrary, you can fire your lawyer anytime if your case is not pending in court. Even then, you can receive permission to terminate the relationship. However, despite such freedoms, firing an attorney is no light matter.


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