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Construction defects are serious matters that demand attention

Having a structure built is an expensive endeavor. When you pay for someone to do the job, you expect that it will be done properly. When the job isn't done properly, there is a chance that your structure won't be up to par.

Construction defects can occur when there is a problem with how the building was designed or erected or with the materials that were used for the project. There are a host of issues that can occur when any of these aspects of the construction job are subpar.

Defective design

Defective construction design can lead to a structure collapsing or being unstable. When a building is being designed, you have to look through a host of factors. The people who work on the team to design the structure have to check the suitability of the ground conditions, ensure there is enough support, and verify that the plans meet current building code. If any of these steps are lacking, the structure likely won't be able to function as you intend.

Defective construction

As the contractors are working on the structure, they must do a good job. Not using proper techniques, such as trying to use glue when screws are necessary, can lead to significant structural integrity problems. At each step of the construction process, the contractor needs to ensure that anyone who is working on the project, including subcontractors, are doing a job that is up to your expectations. Any job that isn't done properly and up to standards should be immediately rectified because trying to correct problems later could lead to serious problems and costs.

Defective materials

When the materials that are used are of a lower quality than what is expected, the entire building can sustain damage. Think about how much devastation could occur if a home is built with support beams that are starting to rot or are riddled with termites. Another example is if the contractor uses rusted nails to secure a deck. In all of these cases, you might be paying for a structure that is actually unsafe and unusual.

As you can imagine, all of these issues can lead to injuries or property damage. If you hired a contractor and later found out that the work wasn't up to par, you might have the basis for a construction defect claim. This could help you to get the financial backing you need to get the defects corrected.

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