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Construction defects devalue your home

You moved into your new home and were enjoying everything about it. You picked out the plans, the paint colors, the flooring and all other aspects of your home. The one thing that has been troubling you is that the home is extremely cold.

Even though you upgraded the insulation in your contract and insisted on energy efficiency, you've received bills you never could have dreamed of in the past. After looking around your home, you realize that the windows don't look like they're sealed tightly. Additionally, the walls feel cold.

Could you be a victim of construction defects?

It's a possibility. Defects include everything from peeling paint to foundation problems. Since your home is new, it's unlikely that it should not meet energy efficiency standards or feel tightly sealed. If sealant isn't mixed correctly, it could peel, leaving cracks around your windows. If the insulation wasn't installed correctly, it could lead to cold walls and a cold home.

What should you do if you think you're a victim of construction defects?

Speak with an attorney promptly. You have a limited amount of time to file a claim. Most states limit your right to a claim with the statutes of limitations, so if you don't file a claim soon enough, you could lose the right.

Most of the time, the statute of limitations begins when you notice a defect, but your attorney can give you more information on how long you have to make a decision about pursuing a claim.

Remember, you can reach out to the contractor directly. Construction businesses don't want a bad reputation, so they may be willing to come to your home to repair damage or defects at no cost to you. Your attorney can also reach out and help you negotiate with the company.

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