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Need a lawyer? Here's what to look for.

If you're in need of a lawyer - for whatever reason- it's important to choose one that's going to have your back. If there is anyone you should - and must - rely on during this time, it's your lawyer.

Follow these steps to find legal representation that will offer you consistent communication, honesty, hard work, accuracy and results.

Look for a firm that specializes

Larger firms tend to offer a variety of legal services from different lawyers, such as Family Law, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury and Estate Planning work. However, smaller firms usually specialize in distinct fields. A lawyer who has a lot of experience with your unique issue is likely to bring more knowledge and better strategies to your case.

For example, a father looking to gain custody of his child may be better off looking to a firm focused on the father's rights than a generic Family Law firm.

Research the prospective lawyer online

There are a few ways you can dive deeper into the background of a lawyer. Researching the candidate will give you an idea of his or her values, worth ethic and skill. Use the following resources to get an idea of your lawyer's reputation:

  • Online reviews of the lawyer or the firm as a whole
  • The LinkedIn profile of your lawyer
  • The lawyer's biography on the firm site
  • Press coverage featuring the lawyer or the firm (use Google News)
  • Ask for references to previous clients

Think of your consultation as an interview

Scheduling a consultation with a lawyer might as well be a job interview. Make sure you ask the right questions and consider how well the two of you can work together throughout your case.

Notice whether the lawyer seems confident and knowledgeable about your case and make sure he or she is interested in the fine details of what you have to say.

Remember your rights

Once you've hired your lawyer, review these ways you can prevent legal malpractice. After all that work searching, you'll want to make sure you're getting the service you're legally entitled to.

If at any point you feel like your lawyer has done you wrong, we're here to help. The Gooch firm lawyers specialize in legal malpractice and can help those who have been mistreated by a lawyer.

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