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Three ways to prevent legal malpractice

Legal malpractice describes a situation in which an attorney has either been negligent with a client's case or handled it in a way that purposefully caused harm or damage to the client. An attorney may not be perfect, but it's important to be able to discern small mistakes from legal malpractice.

What happens if your attorney shares confidential information?

The legal system was designed so clients can speak openly with their attorneys, securing the legal guidance they need without information being used against them. To guard this exchange of information, clients are protected by client-attorney privileges and a duty of confidentiality. Together, these protections promote honesty and trust between you and your attorney.

Top three reasons people sue their lawyers for malpractice

For most people, hiring a lawyer is a difficult task. Most individuals only decide to hire an attorney to solve a problem. The breakdown of a marriage, a legal dispute over property, and many other legal problems are not something anyone really plans for - until the need arises in the real world. Lawyers owe their clients a duty of care. For an individual, the legal process is cumbersome and many rights may be at stake. When an attorney fails to meet the minimum standard of care in resolving a legal problem, there may be a legal malpractice issue.

Professional Negligence and Malpractice - Who Gets Sued?

Everyone is familiar with physicians, hospitals, and other medical providers and the ability to sue them for what is commonly referred to as "medical malpractice" but in actuality is a lawsuit against them for professional negligence. Who else is subject to this kind of a lawsuit?


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