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How could a statute of limitations impact you in a lawsuit?

For most people, the term statute of limitations likely calls to mind criminal matters. For many criminal offenses, such as petty theft and other misdemeanors, there is a firm statute of limitations in place. This statute effectively protects someone from facing criminal consequences indefinitely. In other words, the state has a limited amount of time when they can bring charges against someone for a criminal act.

How much does it cost to hire a lawyer?

It's not something anyone wants to do, but there may come a point when you need to hire a lawyer. If you don't have the expertise to handle a legal matter on your own, it's imperative to bring a lawyer into the fold as soon as possible. This can help you win your case, thus putting your trouble in the past once and for all.

How do I know if my attorney committed malpractice?

It can be very challenging for a lay person not well-versed in the law to know -- let alone prove -- that their attorney committed legal malpractice with their civil case. When this occurs, the clients may have little proof other than a vague, unsettled feeling that justice was never served.


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